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Trade service

Trade service

Sample Availability & Policy:
1. In three working days, the packed samples can be sent out for your reference.
2. In five working days, the samples of referred product can be sent to you.
3. In 45 working days, the new samples can be available including the time of developing relative mold.

Export/Import Processing Support:
1. Fast custom clearance
2. Long-term and good cooperative relationship with shipping company and insurance company guarantees the lower freight, insurance cost, fast response and support.

After Sales Service:
1. Certain percent of spare parts supplied free according to the quantity
2. Constant extension of sales agent's net supplying the latest products and technology support
3. Certain timely visit collecting your requirements and needs
4. We continuously support and work with customers to build strong partnership. We provide very fast response.

Customized requirements are responded within 24 hours. We make prompt response a normal practice in our daily operation.

For unfinished matters, Please send an email to: