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About Bethany
Bethany is a product-driven development enterprise, positioned as a product technology company, and a technology company integrating technology research and development, product design, manufacturing, sales services, and brand operation.

Bethany always insists on design innovation, does not do luxury, does not do no culture, rejects the sense of distance, does not design for design, and focuses on integrating new technology, environmentally friendly materials, and fashionable elements into product design. Create Bethany-style products that are both beautiful and practical, subject to market testing.
  • Corporate vision

    Become the preferred brand for people's new lifestyle

  • Our mission

    Create practical and beautiful products with professional strength and craftsmanship

  • Core value

    Exceed user needs and continue to create value

  • Enterprise spirit

    Extreme, integrity, dedication, passion, openness, sharing

  • Operating idea

    Bethany of the World

  • Business thinking

    User thinking, platform thinking, innovative thinking, sustainable thinking



It is the first in the industry to develop a large panel switch and obtain relevant patents.
Bethany's domestic market is growing rapidly, and its products cover 30 cities across the country.


Register the "Bethany" brand;
Focusing on electrical accessories and peripheral products, it has become a cutting-edge brand in the domestic electrical industry.


Founding of Bethany Corporation

Factory Photo